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Bravofly is the leading website in Europe that allows you to compare and book flights from over 400 low cost and traditional airlines. You can now benefit from its innovative flight search engine directly on your Iphone, just download this app and start looking for the cheapest flight!

Below is some useful information in order to help you use the app:

  1. Registration
  2. Flight Search
  3. Voucher (Plus Version)
  4. Flight Status
  5. Support


1. Register and discover the advantages

Register directly from your Iphone to benefit from all the features available from the Bravofly App.

  • By registering you will see a preview of all the best offers that we select for our users.
  • Find all your Bravofly details in a few clicks
  • You can check out a preview of all our new features
  • Use the Flight Status feature to check the status of your flight (up to 5 flights in total)

For the Plus Version:

  • You will receive a €20 voucher to put towards your next flight purchased directly from your smartphone
  • Use the Flight Status feature to check the status of your flight (unlimited subscription - monitor a maximum of 5 flights a day)

Once the app is downloaded, to register just follow these simple instructions directly from your mobile phone:

1. Click on "Account"

2. Click on "Register for Bravofly"

3. Complete the form, filling in all the fields

4. Once the registration is completed you will already be logged into the App and you will be able to take advantage of all our services

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2. How to do a flight search

To carry out a search, click on Flight Search:

1. Complete all the fields, selecting the departure airport and destination, departure/return date and number of passengers

2. To carry out the search, click on the button "search"

3. In the appropriate icons at the bottom of the screen, you will be able to filter the results according to your requirements.

4. Choose the most suitable from flight from all those available and book directly from your Iphone!

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3. How to use the voucher (only for the PLUS Version)

To take advantage of the €20 voucher, register with Bravofly and insert the email address used at the time of registering in the Account section.
You will immediately receive a voucher to the value of €20 (valid for 3 months from the date of receipt of the voucher) that you will be able to use straightaway to book your flight directly from your Iphone (certain restrictions may apply to the use of this voucher).
To use the voucher, carry out a search from your smartphone, select your preferred flight and on the reservation page you will be automatically asked if you would like to use your voucher.
Click “Yes, now” when the message pops up on the payment page and then continue to insert the necessary details in order to complete the booking.

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4. Check the status of your flight

In order to monitor the status of your flight, click on the icon "Flight Status":

1. Add a flight to be monitored by clicking on the icon "+"

2. If you already know the flight to be monitored (airline,  flight number and date), select the tab "Insert flight".
Otherwise you can search for a flight (by clicking on "Flight Search") using the departure airport, destination and date of flight

3. Select the correct flight from the list of results and click "Add" and the flight will be automatically inserted into the flight monitoring box
- In the FREE version of the app your subscription allows you to monitor up to 5 flights in total.
- With the version PLUS you have an unlimited subscription and are able to monitor a maximum of 5 flights a day.

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5. Support

Do you need help?
For further information or to notify us of problems when using the app, please email us at  mobile@bravofly.com.

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