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Bravofly supports social initiatives.

Here are only some of the most recent campaigns that appeared on the Italian site, Volagratis.com


The Bravofly Group offsets the emission of 833 tons of CO2 by supporting Myclimate’s project for the reconstruction of a small hydroelectric power plant on the Island of Sumatra (Indonesia).

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Bravofly recognizes the essential role of the environment in the future of the Planet and supports myclimate, an innovative organization that is contributing to the reopening and the modernization of a small hydroelectric power plant located on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra, whose objective is to generate clean energy for the local population.

The Bravofly Group has decided to support myclimate and its projects dedicated to the protection of the environment in order to offset the carbon dioxide emitted during air travel. myclimate, a non-profit organization founded in Switzerland in 2002, follows an innovative approach towards climate protection and the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficient technologies. Today, myclimate is one of the leading providers of carbon offsetting measures, and allows passengers, companies and other organizations to quantify the level of pollution generated during their flight, offering the opportunity to offset their part of the emissions with a small donation to the financing of a specific project.

Thanks to the support it has offered myclimate, Bravofly has offset 833 tons of CO2. Bravofly has also decided to contribute to the project that myclimate has initiated on the Island of Sumatra, in Indonesia, where a once-abandoned small hydroelectric power plant will be repaired and renovated in order to produce electricity for the local population. The small power plant not only guarantees the production of a source of energy that is, in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol, climate friendly but also favours the development of a new business for the Indonesian community.

Thanks to myclimate, everyone can offset the negative effects generate by carbon dioxide emitted during their flight. Bravofly invites all of its clients that choose to buy their flights on their websites to visit the myclimate webpage, in order to calculate the CO2 emissions of the flight and to support the projects dedicated to the protection of the environment.

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(in collaboration with ActionAid)

 Our contribution helped the construction of new wells in Somalia.


(in collaboration with FAI Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano)

5 air tickets put up as prizes in a competition in support of places to be saved in Italy, on the occasion of the 3rd census of "The best loved places".


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