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Flight ticket to Kota Kinabalu with Silkair

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Best Silkair flights to Kota Kinabalu

Mon 11/4/19 Tue 11/5/19 Wed 11/6/19 Thu 11/7/19 Fri 11/8/19 Sat 11/9/19 Sun 11/10/19
Mon 11/4/19
from 224 €
2d ago
Tue 11/5/19
from 256 €
1d ago
Wed 11/6/19
from 256 €
1d ago
Thu 11/7/19
from 256 €
1d ago
Fri 11/8/19
from 171 €
1d ago
Sat 11/9/19
from 262 €
1d ago
Sun 11/10/19
from 158 €
1d ago