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If you decide to use our website, you are using services provided by Bravofly SA, a Swiss company (registration number: CH-5013.007.385-8), based at Corso San Gottardo 30 -  6830 Chiasso, Switzerland ("Bravofly").

Bravofly offers a variety of services, including information on the flights available for certain routes, the airlines operating these routes and a price comparison system for the flights that Users are interested in. These services include access to our web-based programme, designed to enable Users to process bookings or purchases for a given flight directly with their chosen airline and to purchase ancillary services directly from the Bravofly website without the need to establish a parallel connection with the airline's own website or a third party website that operates the flight ("Web Programme"). Our aim is to help Users choose the best solution for them by providing immediate confirmation of available flights and the option to search in real time for another solution should the first choice be fully booked, offering a "user friendly" electronic system that is already familiar to them, as it has already been used for previous bookings, and - last but not least- a secure payment system via our website.

The following terms and conditions apply if you decide to use our platform to process your booking and purchase flight tickets. Please read them with due care and attention as you must accept them in order to continue using our service.

If you prefer to process your bookings or purchases without establishing a parallel connection with the service provider website, by using our Web Programme you are granted a temporary, non-exclusive licence for the use of the Web Programme for the time needed to complete the transaction and for this purpose alone. Any other use is prohibited.  Bravofly and its licensees retain full rights to this software and the User may use it for the purposes of this agreement only while respecting the rights of third parties.

Any booking or purchase order issued in this manner is done directly and is a binding offer made by you for the purchase of a ticket for air travel or other product and is subject to these terms of contract. Unless you are purchasing tickets for charter flights, please note that Bravofly simply provides access to an electronic programme designed to offer assistance and support for your purchases: this means that the purchase contract for the ticket/s will be stipulated between you and the airline or the flight operator. The contract is considered to be formally complete between you and the carrier when you receive an e-mail confirming your booking has been accepted. You will have to start a new search and selection process if you decide to book any additional travel arrangements to the flights booked through Bravofly using the support and services offered by Bravofly for your purchase:  again, any purchase contracts will be stipulated directly with the third party of your choice.

When you complete and send your purchase order, you are operating directly with the airline or operator that supplies the services via our Web Programme and you send them your personal details.  Bravofly may be privy to your details, therefore you automatically authorise Bravofly to process and withhold such details and transfer them to the service provider for any purposes related to the booking or purchase order. In this regard, you hereby confirm and guarantee that: (i) the details you have provided are correct and (ii) your credit card has sufficient funds to guarantee the booking or purchase order.

Once you receive the order confirmation from the airline company, the purchase will be processed, assuming that the required funds are available on your credit card.

Specific or additional conditions may apply to each ticket and the relative flight depending on the tariff applied to your ticket. For example, it may not be possible to cancel the ticket and/or obtain a refund; it may be subject to other restrictions regarding your itinerary or refunds depending on the ticket and the airline.

You are personally responsible for complying with all the airline's terms of contract with reference to check-in times, flight confirmation or other requirements.



Since Bravofly is acting as the supplier of an electronic service for assistance and support during the preparation and transmission of your booking and purchase order, it has no contractual liability with you in relation to the management of the flight. However, it may be liable in case of negligence or a breach of applicable laws or the terms of contract relating to its role as an intermediary and the supplier of services. Bravofly is not liable for any breach of contract by the airline or other service provider under any circumstances.

All flights found via the www.bravofly.com website refer exclusively to the airlines or operators of tourist services and they are exclusively liable for the flight, for the execution of the contract and for any other difference, defect, damage or loss in relation to the flights themselves and the travel tickets issued in relation to the flights purchased.

The terms of contract for the booking and purchase of airline travel apply to any booking and/or purchase operated through our systems in general.

The relationship between you and Bravofly is subject to Swiss Law to the extent allowed by the current legislation. The parties agree that any controversy resulting from these conditions and the relationship created between them will be handled exclusively by the trial courts at Bravofly's premises to the extent allowed by current legislation and international agreements. Bravofly reserves the right to take action against you at the appropriate courts where you are domiciled.






For customers paying by credit or debit card, in most cases, the ticket will be issued automatically. Once the booking has been confirmed, at the end of the purchasing process, we will send you a confirmation email and a text message. In some cases, in order to guarantee a higher level of security, we may ask our customers to send us via fax the relevant documents attesting their identity and that of any other passengers. Only after verifying the validity of such documents we will proceed to issue the relevant tickets along with the above-mentioned confirmation email.
By deciding to use a credit card, the customer irrevocably undertakes to pay the amount owed. This will not apply only in case of loss, theft or fraudulent use of the credit card. Except for the above circumstances, permitted with the relevant restrictions by the legislator, the credit card holder, depending on the situation, could be found liable of fraudulent conduct should he fail to pay for the amount previously agreed. Specifically, the right to object to the payment may not be used to circumvent the absence of the rescission right applicable in the tourist sector.
In the event that the booking is not confirmed by the airline company, due to the flight selected or specific elements thereof  being no longer available, the relevant cost will not be debited on the credit card used for reservation. In fact, Bravofly will immediately instruct your bank to cancel the transaction which in any case, until the actual booking confirmation, does not result in any money being withdrawn from the relevant account but only in the freezing of the relevant amount. So, in the absence of a final booking confirmation, no amount will be credited to the Airline Company or Bravofly. However, due to the peculiarity of credit card payments, depending on the rules applied by each bank individually, there could be a temporary block in the availability of the amount that would have been paid should the purchase have been successful. For further information on the amount of time need to restore your full balance availability, we recommend you to contact your bank directly.


To request for an invoice, simply fill in the relevant section available in the page following the payment stage.




After completing the purchase procedure you will receive a confirmation email and/or a text message containing all the details of your trip. Your booking shall not be intended as confirmed until you receive the aforesaid email. If the trip you have booked includes the electronic ticketing feature, by simply presenting your valid ID document you will be ready to travel. On the other hand, if you have purchased a special offer flight, in our confirmation email, which you will have to produce on the date of departure, you will find all the relevant details for arriving at the airport and meeting the assistants for the obligatory confirmation of the return flight.


The confirmation email of your booking will constitute your electronic ticket containing all the relevant data automatically transmitted to us by the airline company/carrier and will be identified through a predefined booking code, the PNR (Passenger Name Record).


In order to guarantee a higher level of security to our customers, we may request for the submission via fax of the relevant documents attesting the identity of the applicant and any other passengers involved. It is possible to book on behalf of third parties without taking part in the trip reserved; even in this case we may ask the customer to submit via fax some ID documents or request for a declaration of the customer making the payment.


If you do not succeed in completing the booking process or if you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of placing the order and no operators from our offices have contacted you via email or telephone to inform you of possible problems, please get in touch with us by telephone to check the situation. Remember to specify that you have attempted to make a reservation on line, without success.


If you enter the wrong name, date or time of departure of your flight, promptly contact our operators to see if there is a chance to modify your booking, clearly specifying that you have made a mistake in entering your details through the online booking system. Remember to contact us as soon as possible, we will check with the airline company whether or not the ticket has already been issued as after that stage further changes and/or cancellations may no longer be possible. The final decision will, in fact, be at the sole discretion of the airline company.


The increase in the price of oil and its derivatives affects the tourist sector too, thus causing air transport cost to rise.  As a result, the total cost of the purchased flight might increase just prior to the date of departure. The increase in fuel costs in the airline sector, called "jet fuel", is something that cannot be foreseen or predicted at the time of purchase, especially when the departure is scheduled to take place some time ahead in the future. For this reason, the regulation currently in force enables carriers and tour operators alike to adjust the ticket price should any significant increase in costs occur, thus making it necessary for them to request the Passenger to pay for such   amount. Should the passenger fail to pay the Jet fuel, the relevant booking may be cancelled without any reimbursement of the sums already paid.


In order to collect your tickets and go through the check-in procedure in time, you will have to turn up directly at the airport's check-in desk, with a valid ID document for boarding and within the timeframe indicated in the confirmation email you received.
As regards the main Low Cost airlines, all relevant details on check-in time limits, regardless of queuing times at counters, restrictions for hand luggage and what luggage needs to be checked in, are available in the relevant section on the website (http://www.bravofly.com/content/en/informationairlines.html) and in the confirmation email. The booking also shows the flight departure time; should you fail to turn up in due time at the check-in desk or at the boarding gate, or, although turning up on time, should you not be in possession of the required documentation or should you not be deemed fit to travel, the carrier/airline company will not accept you on board and will not delay the departure of the flight. The Passenger shall be the sole responsible for any damage or expense deriving from failing to comply with the above provisions.

As regards national airlines, we advise you to check details directly with our operators or we invite you to turn up at the check-in counter 2.5 hours prior to departure to carry out the necessary boarding formalities.

For Special Offer flights, all of our suppliers use their own specific procedure which is explained in detail both in the purchasing stage and in the confirmation email.


The Carrier will only check-in and board Passengers whose names appear on the Ticket. The Passenger shall carry a valid identity card for national flights and for international flights within the EU. In all other cases passengers must produce a valid passport and, where applicable, a transit visa. The Passenger shall, under his own responsibility, comply with the laws and regulations in force in the Country of departure, transit and destination. There will be no right to reimbursement if access on board the aircraft is denied due to the passenger not producing the necessary documentation for travelling. The passenger shall be the sole responsible for carrying the necessary documentation to travel, it is therefore advisable that all information regarding the documentation required to enter the different countries of destination is acquired beforehand by the passenger in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.


While packing your suitcases, please be aware that there are restrictions in place for introducing fluids in your checked luggage (any item accepted for carriage in the aircraft hold to be collected at the airport of destination), while as regards hand-luggage, i.e. that presented at the airport security checkpoints, fluids are allowed in very small quantities. Such fluids include water and other soft drinks, soups, syrups, body creams and lotions, perfumes, sprays, gels (including hair gels and shower gels) the content of pressure containers (such as shaving foams, other foams and deodorants), substances in a paste (including toothpastes, mixtures of fluids and solids), mascara and any other products of a similar consistency.  All of the above shall be held in containers having each a maximum capacity of 100 ml (1/10 of a litre) or equivalent (e.g. 100gr), and said containers shall be placed in transparent and re-sealable plastic bags having a capacity of under one litre (e.g. 18 x 20 cm size). Plastic bags will have to be closable with their relevant content inside them (i.e. containers will have to fit comfortably inside the bags). Each passenger (including infants) will be allowed to carry only one of the above mentioned plastic bags. Medicines and liquids prescribed for diet purposes such as baby food may be carried outside the plastic bags and are not subject to any volume restrictions. In order to ease the airport control procedures passengers shall present all the fluids carried in their hand luggage to the security staff for examination purposes.


Most airlines will not accept unaccompanied minors onboard their aircrafts. In any case, the airline company reserves the right to apply its own norms and procedures on the subject. A minor should be usually accompanied by an adult chaperone who will have to qualify as such upon check-in and boarding on the aircraft. The chaperone must be over 18 and, should he/she not be a parent, a tutor or the person having the relevant parental authority, he/she will have to produce a power of attorney and travel documents for the same flight as the minor he/she is chaperoning as well as travel on his/her same flight. Any damage or charges incurred due to non-compliance with the above procedures shall be at the Passenger's cost.


All passengers requiring special assistance are kindly requested to notify it during the booking stage also specifying the type of disorder suffered.  Our operator will be in charge of verifying with the carrier the feasibility of the relevant journey. In order to guarantee the best standards of service, both in the boarding/unboarding procedures and during the flight, passengers with reduced mobility or requiring special assistance, must turn up for check-in at least two hours prior to departure. According to the general rules in force the following must be observed:
a- Customers must indicate upon booking and check-in any passengers who are able to independently walk up and down the aircraft stairs and move inside the cabin, but need a wheelchair to move between the terminal and the aircraft.
b- Customers must indicate upon booking and check-in any passengers who are not able to walk independently up and down the aircraft stairs, but can move inside the cabin without assistance or any who need assistance until they have reached their seat on the aircraft. In accordance with the applicable security standards, the carrier will apply the relevant limitations in terms of numbers allowed onboard.
c- Any passengers whose reduced mobility is due to pending clinical conditions must produce a medical authorization to travel.
d- Pregnant women shall comply with the following procedure:
d1- up to the 28th week of pregnancy, women will be accepted on board the aircraft without a medical certificate attesting their fitness to fly. To this purpose, the carrier may ask the passenger to produce a document attesting that they are still within their 28th week of pregnancy.
d2- between the 29th and 36th week of pregnancy, women are required to produce a medical certificate attesting their fitness to fly and their good health and indicating the baby's expected date of birth.
d3- beyond the 37th week of pregnancy (30th week in case of twins), under no circumstances will women be allowed on board the aircraft.
e- For passengers suffering from other medical conditions (blind, deaf and mute passengers), it is always obligatory to indicate the situation upon booking in order to avoid check-in issues with the airline companies.


The transport of small-size pets (cats and dogs only) inside the cabin of an aircraft will be allowed at the discretion of the individual carrier and on these conditions: the passenger must be in possession of all the necessary health documentation in accordance with the applicable legislation on the subject. The passenger must carry the pet in a solid and safe container with a water-proof bottom and suitable air holes to provide sufficient aeration; containers boarded on the aircraft should not exceed the following size: 48x33x29 cm. The animal, its container and any relevant food, together, shall not exceed the overall weight indicated by the carrier; also the animal should not have an unpleasant smell and must be kept inside the container at all times. The Captain may decide to transfer the animal in the aircraft hold should it cause annoyance to any of the passengers. In any case, it is compulsory to book the transport of pets on board the aircraft in order to avoid any misunderstanding at the time of travel and the relevant transport cost depends on the carrier used.


Most carriers will not accept weapons on board their aircrafts. Each carrier, nonetheless, reserves the right to apply their own norms and regulations. The passenger, prior to purchasing the ticket, for himself or on behalf of third parties, must collect all the relevant information concerning any specific norms or requirements on the type of weapon that needs to be transported.



The air transport of passengers and their luggage, the relevant responsibility of the carrier as well as the individual rights of the passengers are all disciplined by the applicable laws and regulations in force in the different Countries where the flight has its place of departure, intermediate stop and destination.
Depending on the situation, it is also important to identify the relevance of the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by air, signed in Montreal on 28th May 1999 (Montreal Convention), the relevant legislation enforcing the provisions set forth in the Montreal Convention and possible national laws issued by the countries not endorsing the Montreal Convention as well as the EC legislation whereby this is enforced, by clicking on this link: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/smartapi/cgi/sga_doc?smartapi!celexapi!prod!CELEXnumdoc&lg=IT&numdoc=32002R0889&model=guichett .



The aircraft carrier will do everything possible to transport the passenger and its luggage with reasonable promptness and within the agreed times. In the event of a flight cancellation or prolonged delay, due to factors deemed within the carrier's competence, the latter will be ultimately responsible.
In the event of a flight cancellation due to the reasons referred to above,  the carrier may have to reimburse your ticket, however the completion of this procedure may take several months (up to 12 months for certain airlines).
For flights booked well in advance, we advice passengers to check, before departure, for any changes in the flight. While for Special Offer destinations, we remind you that the return flight must be obligatorily reconfirmed using the telephone numbers provided in the confirmation email and observing the timeframe suggested. Failing to follow such procedure will automatically relieve the organizer/carrier from the obligation of guaranteeing any possible re-protections that may prove necessary.
Bear in mind that if the Passenger voluntarily decides not to leave, the carrier is entitled to cancel also other possible bookings for additional continuation and/or return flights.


Passengers shall always comply with the applicable standards of diligence and precaution, any instructions provided by the organizer or carrier as well as any relevant norms and administrative and legal provisions concerning their flight. Participants will be held liable for any damage incurred by the organizer or carrier due to their non-compliance with the above-mentioned obligations. The Passenger shall provide the organizer or carrier with all the documents, information and any other necessary elements in his possession for this to exercise its right of recourse (be it direct, through surrogation, or of a different nature) against any third parties responsible for the damage and shall be responsible towards the organizer and/or carrier for the detriment caused to the right of recourse. The organizer and/or carrier may avail itself directly of this clause and exercise directly its right of compensation against the Passenger. The Passenger must be fully aware and knowledgeable of the terms and conditions of transport applied by the selected carrier for the relevant flight. The Passenger shall be the sole responsible for his/her own shortcomings and negligence.




Tickets shall be intended as personal documents and therefore cannot be transferred to third parties. Any changes to the name on the ticket, flight date and leg, made after the purchase confirmation may incur the application of a penalty in accordance with the norms adopted by the airline companies and/or supplier at the time of the variation request, as well as a possible price adjustment.  In addition to the penalty requested by the airline company, a supplementary charge may also be applied at the time of the change request for the extra service provided by Bravofly. Also remember that certain airline companies do not allow for any changes to be made and, in such case, it will be necessary to purchase a new ticket. Also in the event that the name of one of the passengers should be incorrect, it may be necessary to cancel the booking and purchase a new ticket altogether.
As regards budget airlines, look up the relevant tables showing the terms and conditions applied by the main airlines: http://www.bravofly.com/content/en/informationairlines.html .

All variation requests shall be made by telephone. All changes to the passenger's name, flight date and leg may be submitted up to 24 hours prior to departure, while if the flight is scheduled on a Sunday or a Monday, all requests shall be completed by the previous Friday.


To cancel a flight we will always require you to send us a confirmation email or fax, after having contacted us by telephone to verify the feasibility of you request and the relevant terms and condition of cancellation.  We inform you that many tariffs are subject to cancellation fees or in certain cases are not refundable. In addition to the penalty requested by the airline company, a supplementary charge may also be applied at the time of the change request for the extra service provided by Bravofly. All decisions concerning the refund procedures and timings will be subject to the exclusive discretion of the individual airline company and/or supplier used. Airline companies and /or the supplier will have a maximum period of 12 months to refund your money.